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Rebus Engineering & Contracting LLC is a part of the UAE construction industry since 1996, with General Contracting, Facility Management and Engineering & Design Services. With our expertise in the industry a quality and excellance oriented Floor & Wall Tiling | Facades | REstoration unit is launched. Call us at +971569545422

  • Polishing
  • Restoration
  • Installation of Floor
  • Installation of Wall Cladding
  • Facades
  • Landscaping


We work with Marble, Granite, Onyx,Quartz, Mosaic, Limestone, Travertine, Porcelain, Ceramic and Engineered Stones.

Cladding / FACADES

Dry Fixing (Mechanical Fixing)
Wall cladding installation using fixing accessories such as Anchors, bolts, sharing pins, sub frames etc. Our team can install max size of 90x90cm for marble & granite and 240x120cm for porcelain tile cladding.

Wet Fixing
Installation of Wall Cladding using Adhesives. Our team can install max size 80x80cm for marble & granite and120x60cm for porcelain tiles.
Installation of Counter Tops – Using silicon adhesives on wooden cabinets , Support brackets [ Stainless steel/HDG ] anchored to the block wall.

Ventilated Facade
Ventilated façade installations using wall brackets and load bearing metal profiles ( e.g. brackets with sliding and fixed points and load bearing profiles made from aluminium, hot -dip galvanized steel or stainless steel). Our Team can install CTS, Standard Tiles like 60x60cm, Slabs (max size we can install – 90x90cm for marble & granite , 240x120cm for porcelain tile claddings )


Our experiended team can install any standart sizes of Natural and Artificial stones for floor as well as Cut-To-Size, and upto – 100x100cm for marble and granite and150x50cm for porcelain tiles
Our team is capable of the Installation of Counter Tops – Using silicon adhesives on wooden cabinets , Support brackets [ Stainless steel / HDG ] anchored to the block wall.


Polishing on Marble & Granite surfaces including Floor, Wall, Counter-Tops, etc,. Polishing starts with grinding to avoid all lippage , six stages of polishing process using either with polishing stones or resin pads depends on the stone types and final buffing using polishing powder for better results. Our teams expertise is extended to Floor crystallization also. The steps involved in polishing is unique to each project.

Restoration of Floor & Wall Cladding – Natural Stones

Restorations which include the treatments for removing the humidity, efflorescence, stain marks etc and giving proper protection for the final polished floors and walls.

Other Services

Our services extended to Landscaping with Hard stones, Counter-Tops, Reception Areas, Customs Natural Stone fixtures, etc. We like challenges and to explore.

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